From July 17 2009

Brief: see a continuous tracking of our route

Hello everyone,

As we were biking to the Arctic Circle we passed an Englishman, John, who was
going the other way. We chatted a bit and wished each other luck. Little did
we know that serindipidously, we would meet one month later down the road. We
were all heading the same direction so we decided to ride together until we had
to split and go our own ways.

John, has a tracking device called, "SPOT". He has it set up so that it sends a
satellite signal every 10 minutes. If you would like to track us for the next 1
1/2 - 2 weeks (while we are biking with him) you can go to his website and click on "Where Am I?" and "route". We are taking today
off since John had bike problems and we are waiting for the parts to arrive
later this afternoon. Tracking will resume tomorrow. Let us know if you like
it. We are contemplating getting one ourselves but would probably only have it
send one signal at the end of each day.

It has been impossible to download pics to our photo gallery over the past 2
months. Hopefully they will be updated when we hit Vancouver in August.

We are safe and everything is going well.