From June 2007:

We survived GRABAAWR!

Hi everyone, welcome to the Budweg Adventures e-group. We survived
the GRABAAWR (Great Annual Bicycle Adventure Along the Wisconsin
River)....500 miles of beautiful scenery.

We left last Sunday from my home town in Medford, WI. We rode fully
loaded to Merril where we then met up with the GRABAAWR ride. I
found that biking on flat land with 100# is much easier than climbing
the hills! For Ward...I don't think anything slows him down.

We had great weather! It was sunny every day, and after Tuesday it
was 70s and 80s with very little humidity.

We had a great time stopping at establishments and watching the
antics of other riders. Of course you know that Ward and I would
never partake in anything like that.

The ride ended last Saturday, June 30th in Prairie Du Chein. We then
headed to Madison for one final going away party called, "How can we
miss you if you won't go away." Yes, after a 1 1/2 months of
attending going away gatherings, we too feel it is time for us to go

We are now in Minneapolis sorting, packing and still eliminating. We
will be flying to Germany tomorrow.

We'll stay in touch. Pictures will be coming (we're still ironing
out some kinks). Don't forget to check the blog and photo gallery in
the future.

Jacky and Ward