From June 29 2009

brief: next 40-50 days

Hi everyone, just letting you know that we are now in Wasilla hanging out with
Sarah Pallan. We are starting our trek north to then head to Canada and then to
Seattle. Their aren't many roads so we have to go 300miles north before we can
get on our road to go Canada.

We have to bike 2300miles before we hit Seattle. We will be biking through
forests and will have 300miles between small villages which I'm not sure will
have internet access. Therefore, if you do not hear from us for awhile, do not
fear. We will email the family every chance that we get.

Fishing was great. We caught 24 salmon (gave 7 away) and 8 halibut (our limit).
Ward caught a 100# halibut. He reeled it in with alot of moaning and groaning.
We shipped 160# home. Molly and John will have 80# and we will have the other
80# so some good eating is in the future.

Take care,
Jacky and Ward Budweg